Meet the Team

Eugene Pagan Pride Staff

Our staff members are all volunteers who live and work in the local community. If you would like to offer your time and skills to help us grow our organization and events, please fill out our volunteer form or contact us via social media.

Seren Derryth Riddle

Executive Director

In her second year as Executive Director for Eugene Pagan Pride, Seren Derryth Riddle has a love for building and celebrating community. An event coordinator for multiple prior events in California and in Oregon, she was born and raised in Southern California and started down her witchy/pagan path about 21 years ago. She has studied Wicca and other similar traditions and sees herself as an eclectic witch with more leanings towards American Folkloric and is currently studying with The Red Thread Academy. 

In her free time she works on her business Seren Derryth Creations where she creates mirth and magic in a multitude of artsy and craftsy ways, she likes to work with a multitude of mediums, including spectacular semi precious stones and gems, sparkly crystals, fantastic pendants and charms, her beloved IPad for digital art, ever trusty colored pencils, gorgeous gouache, and more! Seren is also a talented tarot reader for around 19 years and is working on an aspect of her business Seren Derryth Divinations which she offers Tarot readings. 

You can find her website at
Instagram @serenderryth 
FB: Seren Derryth Creations  
FB: Seren Derryth Divinations

Mallory Dahl

Chief Financial Officer

Originally from Alaska, Mallory has been enjoying Eugene’s offerings between trips back into the northern wilderness.

This is her second year serving as our Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, putting her accounting skills to use for a cause and community she believes in.

Dennis Riddle

CTO / Marketing Director

A Netizen since the early days of the web, Dennis brings his 25 years technical and online marketing experience to help us grow community involvement in Eugene Pagan Pride.

Dennis has followed a Pagan path since early adulthood, studying Ceremonial Magick, Wicca, and Chaos Magick before settling into an eclectic path that leans into Celtic and Greek mythos and left hand path traditional witchcraft.

Currently studying American Folkloric magick through the Red Thread Academy, he is always looking for new wisdom and connection to the wider witchy world.

Farrah Summers-Blake

Youth Activities Coordinator

Farrah Summers-Blake is our Youth Activities Coordinator.

She is a former Elementary school teacher and thoroughly enjoys bringing the magic of learning to children. She also brings the magic of the coast to everyone with her business, Farrah’s Treasures, where she creates home décor, altar items and jewelry from the treasures she finds on the Oregon coast. 

Marilyn McElroy

Vendor Coordinator

Taylor Ellwood

Workshop Coordinator

Taylor Ellwood is the workshop coordinator for this year’s Pagan Pride Day. He’s also one of the workshop presenters!

Taylor is an author of numerous books on magic and the occult including Pop Culture Magick, Space/Time Magic and the Process of Magic. He recently published Walking with Nature Spirits and his next book Scrying the Divine is coming out in August.

Taylor is also a sacred masculinity coach who helps men access their divine masculine power. Recently Taylor started a new business Brightheart Alchemy Guides, with his magical mate Joanna Brook, where they offer divination readings and spiritual services.

To learn more about Taylor and his various offerings visit: for his books on magic, for sacred masculine coaching and for his spiritual services.

Emily Chappell

Entertainment Coordinator

Emily Chappell is a Eugene based event producer and publican. She has worked in the event industry in Lane County for over a decade.

Emily has also been an Artist Liason for Faerieworld Events, is the producer of the Eugene Labyrinth Masquerade Ball, and the Annual Yule Ball, among many others. Her venue, Old Nick’s Pub, has served as a community hub and stage for bands, dancers, drag artists, and all forms of creative expression since 2015.

Volunteer Coordinator