Fundraiser Auction Information

Eugene Pagan Pride Fundraiser Auction

Sunday, July 24th, 2022, 12-4pm, Old Nick’s Pub

Thank you to everyone who donated, and all who bid on our auction items! We’ll see you at Eugene Pagan Pride on August 7th, 2022!

Rules: The auction is a silent auction, in person only. You may bid on as many items as you like, and as many times as you like. Final bids will be at 3:15pm, with winning (highest) bids announced at 3:30pm. Winning bids must be paid via cash or credit/debit card at the time of announcement. If you are not present at the announcement, or you cannot make payment at that time, the item will be awarded to the next highest bidder who is present at that time.

Queer Witch Package

from Hex

Value: $143.85

Rose/Cardamom Chocolate ** Queering Your Craft, by Cassandra Snow ** Queer Tarot, an Inclusive Deck & Guidebook, by Ashley Molesso and Chess Needham ** Magic Fire Sticks ** Divination Tea / Witches’ Brew Tea ** Honey Sticks ** A Rainbow sage stick ** A Protection Spell ** A Rainbow streamer ** Magic Maker / Rainbow art / Pride Flag stickers ** Sacred Basil seeds / Moonflower seeds ** Thistle Socks by MOD Socks

85mm (3.35″) Rose Quartz Sphere

from Inspiring Alignments

Value: $169

Comes with a wooden crescent moon stand.

Snake Skeleton Parasol

from Hexenhaus

Value: $37

Purple Knit Witch Hat

by Hexenhaus

Value: $25

Self Care Basket – Tuscan Bouquet and Patchouli

Featuring Willakenzie River Soapery and Erika Milo

Value: $24

Bath Salt, Patchouli Rainbow Soap from Willakenzie River Soapery, Body Scrubber, Body Lotion, Wintergreen Lip Balm and mini salve by Erika Milo.

Rainbow Patchouli Soap Plate

by Willakenzie River Soapery

Value: $18

Two (2) wonderful bars of soap made by Willakenzie River Soapery is twice as nice!

Happy Home Witch Ball, Self Love Spell Jar and Serenity (Anti-Anxiety) Mojo Bag

by Shannon Byron ~ The Graced Witch

Value: $65

Each ingredient in the Witch Ball, Spell Jar and Mojo bag was first cleansed, then charged and then blessed. They are made individually with intent, love and care.

Print: Keeper of the Stars

Donated by Joy Dances

Value: $20.00

Sterling Silver Star Amethyst Pendant on chain

Donated by Joy Dances

Value: $150

Copper Triple Moon and Silver Earrings

Donated by Joy Dances

Value: $50

Shelly the Snail

by Phoenixx Factor Designs

Value: $60

Wire wrapped pendant with Shell and Crystal Black Beads on a black cord with copper clasps.

Witches Brew is Coffee

by Hexenhaus and Caffe Pacori

Value: $35

One Witches Brew Cup w/Spoon from Hexenhaus and 1 lb French Roast Coffee Beans from Caffe Pacori.

Hexy Witches Drink Coffee

by Hexenhaus and Caffe Pacori

Value: $35

One Hexy Witch Cup w/Spoon from Hexenhaus and 1 lb French Roast Coffee Beans from Caffe Pacori.

Coffee Love

by Caffe Pacori

Value: $39

3-1lb French Roast Coffee Bean Bags.

“Wooden Tower” Incense Magic Basket

Curated basket from multiple donors below

Value: $48.50

Featuring “Temple Incense” by Audri the Alchemist and a Love Charm bag by Hexenhaus, this Magical Incense Basket includes a wooden vertical incense burner, Chime Candles and a Chime Candle holder donated by Seren Derryth Creations.

Drifting Away” Incense Magic Basket

Curated basket from multiple donors below

Value: $49.50

Drift Wood Incense burner by Farrah’s Treasures, Temple Incense by Audri the Alchemist, Love Charm Bag by Hexenhaus, Chime Candles and a Chime Candle holder donated by Seren Derryth Creations.

Crystal Magic

Curated basket from multiple donors below

Value: $36

Ceramic Incense burner by Natalea, Faerie Magic incense, Luck Charm Bag by Hexenhaus, Chakra Crystals, Necklace, Pendulum and various other stones donated by Mallory Dahl.

Macramé Tree of Life

by Farrah’s Treasures

Value: $30

A beautifully handmade macramé Tree of Life to hang in your favorite place!

Walking with Elemental Spirits

by Taylor Ellwood

Value: $20.95

In Walking with Spirits, I share my process for connecting and working with spirits that enables you to get consistent results, while building collaborative relationships with the spirits you work with.

Gift Certificate: Flux Crystal Boutique

by Flux Crystal Boutique

Value: $30

Crystals for Community
Located at Rooted Space ~ 245 Van Buren St. Eugene, OR 97402

Gift Certificate: Witchcraft 101 Class

through Olympus Academia

Value: $60

In Witchcraft 101, we will be concentrating on establishing a foundation of secular knowledge and skills that can be utilized by anyone of any spiritual path that wishes to get started in the Craft. By the end of the course, you will have all you need to go forth, into the spiral journey of a mystical future. This class is amazing for anyone who is curious about witchcraft and wants to dip their toes in; anyone who has tried to learn on their own but would benefit from more structure and support to their learning; anyone who wants to connect with other beginners and learn together; and even people who want to re-inspire their existing practice. The class includes recorded lectures, live Q and A sessions, Facebook group access, PDFs, written assignments, practicals, and a final. 

Gift Certificate: Self-Care for Witches Class

through Olympus Academia

Value: $150

Self-care is important for everyone but maybe even more so for those working within the spiritual and magickal realms. In this course you will learn the importance of it, how to notice when you are in extra need of self-care (including warning signs of stress/anxiety), and various ways of taking care of yourself from the importance of bringing mindfulness into your day, to nurturing rituals, helpful crystals and herbs, as well as useful spells. This course will be a mixture of reading materials and videos, including guided meditations.

Gift Certificate: 1 Flower Crown or Bouquet

by Seasons’ End Flower Farm

Value: $20 each

Seasons’ End Flower Farm has donation two (2) of these gift certificates for a Flower Crown or Bouquet, which will be auctioned off separately.

Certificate Valid until August 7th, 2023. Also redeemable at our LCFM Booth.

Gift Certificate: Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

by Mother and Maiden

Value: $95

This nine card reading delves into the past, present and future while providing deeper answers. Ask a question or simply touch base with yourself.

Gift Certificate: Self-Care Tarot Reading

by Mother and Maiden

Value: $65

Need a more in-depth check in with yourself? Message me with a brief description of yourself and your current situation. Any areas of your life you want a closer look at? Any question you need answered? This is a great reading to get back in touch with yourself.

Gift Certificate: Tarot Reading

by Shannon Byron ~ The Graced Witch

Value: $45

Shannon Byron has been reading Tarot for 25+ years. She has a belief that a tarot reading “Takes as long as it takes”, therefore there is no specified time limit on the reading.