A Note from the Eugene Pagan Pride Local Coordinator

Hello to our wonderful community!

This year at Pagan Pride we are shifting roles! Firstly I want to say that we are extremely grateful to our wonderful Joy Dances for being our local coordinator for all four of our previous Pagan Pride Days here in Eugene!  That is an amazing accomplishment and service to our community, and we are forever grateful to Joy for bringing Pagan Pride to Eugene.

Secondly, hello!  I’m your new local coordinator.  I’m not new to this event, I’ve been volunteering since the first year here in Eugene, and many of you may recognize me as the person who has been coordinating the vendors. I absolutely love this event and I’m so pleased to be able to serve the community in this role.

My name is Rose Paradox, and I moved to Oregon in 2007 and have lived in several places all over the state, but have recently settled outside of Veneta. I always wanted to live in Oregon my entire life. I felt drawn by the beauty of the natural environment here and an energetic draw to the people and places here that I have resonated with since childhood. As far as Pagan Pride Day goes; I assisted Denver’s Front Range Pagan Pride Day as a volunteer and webmaster for a couple of years, and then upon moving to Oregon, I assisted with Salem Pagan Pride as well, doing various jobs including the website and coordinating vendors.

I’m thrilled to be continuing the wonderful legacy that Joy brought to us here in providing this opportunity for us to gather as Pagans, and to educate the outside community about who we are and what we do. As always we will continue with our food drive and public ritual, and being open and welcoming.  This is a safe place for all to come as they are and enjoy this beautiful community of which we are a part.

This will be our 5th Annual Pagan Pride Day in Eugene, OR.   Eugene is hosting a Pagan fair during  the harvest season with the goal of Community Service, Education, Activism and the Celebration of Pagan beliefs.   Sunday, August 30th, 2020 at the Pavilions in Alton Baker Park and will feature a Food Drive for Food for Lane County, workshops, merchants, kids’ activities, live entertainment, an altar contest and other fun activities.

Community Service:  The main focus of our event is the Harvest Food Drive.  Our event is completely free to the public. We only ask those attending to bring a non-perishable food item which supports Food for Lane County.

Education: This is happens with Wild Hunt for Knowledge game within the Info and Networking Tables, the Workshops, and any general questions that come our way.

Celebration of Pagan Beliefs:  Info and Networking Tables are a part of this also, along with the Harvest Ritual, Entertainers, and the Pagan and Heathen friendly Merchants.

Activism: The Info and Networking Tables are again a part of this goal.

This event is free to the public.

The costs for such items as the City Park Rental fees, required insurance, porta-potties,the rental of sound equipment are covered by fundraisers, merchant fees, advertising, a raffle, and donations of many who support our goals.

What happens at an Pagan Pride Event event?

  • Public ritual: A public gathering where Pagans can network with each other and celebrate.
  • Food drive: A food drive or other charitable activity, to share our abundant harvest with others in need, and to make a clear statement to those who have misconceptions about Paganism. We know that our ethics, based on concern for ecology, personal responsibility, and individual freedom, mean that we feel strongly called to actions of social responsibility.
  • Workshops, Entertainment, Networking & Info Tables, Pagan Friendly Vendors, Children’s Craft Area

Love to all and Many Blessings!!
-Rose Paradox (with some info taken from Joy’s prior page she posted here).