2023 Workshop Presenters

Taylor Elwood – Workshop Coordinator and Presenter

Workshop Title: How to crate walking rituals with elemental and nature spirits


Learn how to create a walking ritual where you connect with the nature and elemental spirits (and whatever other spirits you work with!) while also walking the land. You’ll discover how to create a walking ritual that allows you to bond to the land, discover power spots and leylines and connect with the land while doing ritual. Taylor will share examples of his own work with local spots such Mt. Pisgah and Spencer Butte and discuss his process for walking the land in ritual.

April Haapala

Workshop Title: The Card Nextdoor: Connections between divinatory cards on the table.

Description: Ever wonder how the cards in your reading connect and interrelate? Because card reading is deeply personal, there are several techniques you can use to find the meaning between the cards, bringing more depth to your readings. 

We’ll discuss several unique ways to connect the cards that can be easily personalized to your style of reading. No matter what system of reading you use, what your magical practice, if you are new or seasoned in Tarot and Oracle reading, these techniques will have you seeing how the cards on the table connect, how they are speaking to each other, and how those conversations reveal the bigger picture. Bring a deck (or three) if you have them and a curious mind.  We will have fun playing together, trying out some of these ideas!

Bio:   April Haapala is a professional tarot reader here in the Pacific Northwest.  Her YouTube channel, Learn Tarot and Witchery, teaches and discusses tarot and oracle card reading, as well as the esoteric connections of tarot to her magical practices. 

She has offered courses online over the years in tarot card reading, magical working, and ancestral divination. She draws on her year-long experience living with Native American shamans, her time in the classroom teaching kids K-12, and her years living in close relationship to nature on her organic farm in Oregon to bring forward an eclectic and accessible learning experience.

April believes in empowering everyone to tap into their innate knowledge in order to reveal and heal shadows, uncover the beauty of their true story, and live authentically.

Cat Gina Cole

Workshop Title: Shadow-work, and why we do it.


In this class you will learn what is shadow-work, and why we do it.

How and where to start in Shadow-work

Skills for Shadow-work

How Shadow-work applies to magic.

Bio: Cat was raised in a magical system by her mother and grandmother and was initiated by them into the family tradition at age 13. Over the years her grandmother taught her the ways of a Hedgewitch, Wortcunning, and “The Knowing” which is a mix of clairsentience, personal gnosis, and psychic ability. 

Cat’s mother, being less traditional, was a progressive-minded Christian Mystic that gave Cat her interfaith morals. 

By the age of 18, Cat was adept in clairvoyance, UPG, dream work, astral travel, mediumship, and empathic skills. Cat later stepped into the public arena of Paganism at age 50 through Rowan Tree Pagan Ministries. There she began teaching and became an Ordained Pagan Minister and High Priestess and ran RTPM as a public organization for five years before going non-public.

Cat founded the initiatory coven and school, The Coven of the Rising Phoenix in 2016 where she taught her three-level curriculum. Cat added Phaedra Bonewits as Co-High priestess in 2017 and was Co-High Priestess with Phaedra Bonewits. In 2021 Phaedra Bonewits initiated Cat into a closed practice as a Hermetic Magical Practitioner. 

In February of 2020, Oberon Zell added Cat to the Grey Council and Cat began writing for his magazine The Green Egg. Psychic Skills For Magic and Witchcraft was released on February 8th, 2022, and is available through Llewellyn, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, and many other venues. 

Cat enjoys helping the greater Pagan community through networking and creating spaces so she created and admins, The Rogue Valley Pagans Group, The Klamath Falls Pagan Spiritual Group The Grants Pass Pagans Group, The Roseburg/Umpqua Valley Pagans Group, and The Elders and Leaders Group on Facebook, and The Green Egg Magazine Forum Group, so folks would have a place to communicate and share. Cat’s main page on Facebook is Earth Witch Cat Gina Cole, where she is happy to chat with anyone who has questions and you will see her in many other Pagan groups on Facebook. 

 On her website at catginacole.com, she writes a blog about psychic skills, Magic, Witchcraft, and Herbalism. You can find the many other articles she has written there too.

Joanna Brook

Workshop Title: Opening your day-to-day lived experience to more magic

Description: Do you long to live a magical life? Are you new to the pagan path and looking for lamps to light your way? Are you an experienced practitioner wanting to step even deeper into liminality in a safe way? In this workshop Joanna will discuss keystones that can open your day-to-day lived experience to more magic than ever before.

Bio:  Joanna Brook is a professional Tarot reader and ordained minister. She began professional Tarot consultations in 2007 and mediumship, to contact your beloved dead, in 2012. She is an ordained minister in the Seven Sisters Circle, where she studied eclectic modern paganism, ceremony, astrology, path working, divination, and spiritual counseling. Joanna has a gift of creating sacred space by connecting with the seven directions. She is available to officiate hand-fastings, funerals and customized ceremonies for you. She facilitates a New Moon ritual open to all at the Alluvium in Eugene, Oregon each month. Joanna teaches classes on magic and the pagan path. Joanna is also an accomplished poet. For more information please visit http://www.brightheartalchemyguides.com

Latimore Ravensnight

Workshop Title: How to connect with the Morrigan


Join Latimore Ravensnight as he introduces you to the great Phantom Queen, The Mórrígan. Discuss Her many guises, attributes, and strengths, and how a practice with Her can benefit you. Receive valuable guidance and tips from an experienced dedicant to the Mórrígan, on how you can form a deep connection with this powerful Goddess, and take it as far as you wish.

Bio: Latimore Ravensnight is a dedicant of The Mórrígan, and a Pagan practitioner of 12 years.  He first encountered Her in meditation, then sought out classes, books, etc to learn everything he could about Her.  Morpheus Ravenna, Morgan Daimler, and Lora O’Brein, of The Irish Pagan School,  are just a few of the teachers that have helped him on this journey to learn more about The Great Queen.

Mason Andrew Michael Peckels-St.onge

Workshop Title: Introduction into developing a yoga practice


In this workshop my main focus is to help people understand what practicing yoga can mean for them. To show people that yoga can be one of the best forms of self care. That a good yoga practice focuses on the individual, and what they need to be happy and healthy. Whether that involves mediation and looking inward at our subtle bodies, or focusing on the physical body and alleviating aches and pains. There are so many different ways we can practice yoga. It just takes the right tools to get started. Although I am not a licensed yoga teacher, after 4 years of taking classes and doing lots of reading, I have been able to develop my own practice and have seen great changes in my physical and mental health because of it.

In this workshop we will start with a simple introduction into developing a yoga practice and go over terminology and breathing technique, then a ten minute warmup yoga routine that is great for getting the body and mind happy and flowing. We will then go over how to develop a personal yoga practice. Which will involve examples of breathing techniques, poses, hand gestures, and affirmations. Near the end I will go over ways to begin implementing aspects of yoga into our daily lives, and to end we will do my favorite flow, Sun Salutations to get us ready to have a great time at Pagan Pride Fair 2023!

Bio: Hello! My name is Mason Andrew Michael Peckels-St.onge and I have lived in Eugene, Oregon my whole life. I love spending time with friends and family and living life to its fullest potential. I married my beautiful wife Natalea in 2020 and we have been together for 10 years now. We have a shepard/husky named Blue who we love very much. I have been very physically active my whole life. Growing up I basically played every ball sport you can until highschool. I have also been a dedicated skateboarder for almost 20 years. 4 years ago I started focusing on my mental and physical health which led me down a long and fun journey of eating healthy, being more connected with nature and the people around me, and dedicating myself to Yoga. All these things drastically changed my life for the better. I have struggled with mental health problems practically my whole life. As a kid I was diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and OCD and pumped full of medications with many side effects. I stopped taking medications in highschool, but really didn’t see a real improvement until I started yoga. With yoga I was able to slow down and live fully in the present. Right now my main goal in life is to help the people around me who are struggling to find peace with themselves the way they are as I was able to.

Shane Nelson

Workshop Title:  Communication of views and beliefs

Description: “Do you ever find yourself at a loss when communicating your view and beliefs? Would you like to better understand, name, and communicate your beliefs for yourself and with others? Would a clear statement of your beliefs and practices provide a solid foundation for your spiritual practice? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop may be for you. In this workshop, participants will explore the variety of beliefs that serve to structure and effectively express one’s personal theology. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to begin outlining and drafting their own personal theology.”

Bio:  Shane is a healer, a teacher, a chaplain, and a ritual leader that has been actively walking his path of Nature-Centered Spirituality for over twenty years. His path has led him across the country and internationally, serving the larger Pagan community and training in the traditions of Greencraft Wicca, Asatru, and Druidry.

Healer — Shane earned his Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in December 2017. Since graduating, he has obtained specialty training and experience in working with trauma, substance abuse, and spirituality. Currently, Shane is a Licensed Professional Counselor helping others heal and grow.

Teacher — Shane is a Professor at Cherry Hill Seminary as part of the Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy department, teaching courses on spiritual counseling, self-care,  human development, and chaplaincy. Additionally, Shane has taught primitive survival summer camp programs and high school career & technical education classes.

Chaplain — Shane serves as a Board Certified Chaplain and is available upon request to provide hospital & jail/prison spiritual care. He provides support for individuals, families, and friends as they experience birth, illness, injury, death, and other major life events.

Ritual Leader — Shane has served as a ritual leader for Sacred Well Congregation since 2006, providing Open Circle rituals nationally and internationally. Sacred Well Congregation is a non-denominational Wiccan organization. Through training and experience gained with Sacred Well Congregation, Shane is legally ordained to provide all rites of passage (Naming & Blessing Rites, Coming of Age Rites, Handfasting Rites, Naming a Sage/Crone Rites, and Funerary Rites). Additionally, Shane serves as the Executive Director and as the Director of Military Affairs for Sacred Well Congregation. Shane has been a participating clergy member of The Asatru Community since 2017, providing rituals upon request. The Asatru Community is an inclusive, international Asatru organization. Shane is completing his Ovat training through the Order of Bards, Ovats, & Druids out of the United Kingdom. Shane earned his Master of Divinity in 2021 and is now earning his Doctor of Ministry degree in Interreligious Chaplaincy.”