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Pagan Pride Day -Eugene & Springfield (PPD) is about Education, Activism, Charity,

Attendance is Free, we ask all attending to bring a donation for Food For Lane County and that no vending happen at the information tables.


We recognize that individual groups have diverse ideas about what information is appropriate to share publicly, so we invite you to share your path to the extent you feel comfortable.


We will provide your group with a space at one of the stone tables inside Pavilion Two, free of charge. Please have someone at your space -to answer Wild Hunt Questions, network, & share information -from 10:30 AM until 3:00PM on Saturday, September 29th.  Our Harvest Festival Ritual begins at 3:00.  If if you are interested in having a part in the ritual, please let us know as soon as possible.  And if you do participate, people you have talked with during the day, would be able to see your presence in the ritual as a representation of your path. Our 2018 Sun Warmed Harvest Festival Ritual will honor Bacchus/Dionysus and bless the food we collect for Food for Lane County.  We ask that you decorate your table space with an Altar and enter it in our Altar Contest. There are some fine prizes for the winners. Event Attendees will be given a chance to vote on their favorite altar and decide the winners. New this year we will be having a “People’s choice” awards for favorite altar/display in two categories, Group and Individual.



We also ask that you join us in the networking and welcoming of folks interested in paganism by participating in a Wild Hunt for Knowledge.  The Wild Hunt consists of a passport containing list of questions pulled randomly from questions provided by all Information Tables.  To make this happen, we ask that you provide 3 questions and answers about your path or tradition or paganism in general – and when attendees come to your table, the volunteers at your booth will be able to answer the question and stamp their passport. This is a kind of a scavenger hunt that will allow your volunteers time to meet and talk with the public, with an aim to communicating a better understanding of your path and the diverse groups that comprise our pagan community.  Examples might include questions like “What is Asatru?” Why is a chalice used? What is the Harvest festival (or some other Sabbat) meaning?


We would also be delighted if you would like to teach a workshop or lead a discussion about some aspect of paganism or your particular path.  Each workshop is 30-45 minutes long and we are always looking for beginning type subjects about varied traditions.  But you must sign up to present before September 20th. Here is the link to sign up for a workshop:

Our workshop coordinator is Barbie.


Our goal is to offer as many opportunities to our local groups to be able to have a presence at our local community Pagan Pride Day event, at whatever level is comfortable for your members.


If you would like to participate in any of the above Info table activities, please email Joy Dances at  before September 20th and ask for a registration form.


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