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Pagan and Pagan-Friendly Information Tables


Pagan Pride Day is about education, networking, and outreach within the pagan community and to the general public.  Any group involved with paganism is encouraged to participate as a resource for the community.


We recognize that individual groups have diverse ideas about what information is appropriate to share publicly, so we invite you to share your path to the extent you feel comfortable.  We will provide a space at one of the stone tables inside Pavilion One free of charge. You will need to have someone at the booth all day except for during the main ritual.  We will have someone in the space watching the altars and tables all day.  We ask that you decorate your space for an Altar Contest entry (yes there is a prize) or at least put up decorations. We ask that you join us in the networking and welcoming of folks interested in paganism by participating in a Wild Hunt for Knowledge.  We ask that you provide 5 questions and answers about your particular path or tradition or paganism which your volunteers at your booth will be able to answer. We will be using the questions as part of a scavenger hunt to help the public become better acquainted with the diverse groups that comprise our pagan community.  Examples might include questions like “What is Asatru?” Why is a chalice used?, what is the Harvest festival (or some other Sabbat) meaning?   People who come to enjoy the day and participate in  the Wild Hunt will be going around to the non-profit booths to get their  questions answered and will get a special raffle ticket (provided by PPD) for answering all the questions.

The goal of our committee is to offer as many opportunities to our local groups to have a presence at PPD, at whatever level is comfortable for your members.  Feel free to contact Joy Dances at  if you have any questions.  If you would like to participate in the Pagan Information tables PPD, please submit your information below  we will email you the registration form.  There is no charge for an information table space but selling is prohibited.



Available participation concept included for each information table participant :

Having someone there at the table to answer questions all day – vendors, who wish to do both, may include their information at their vendor table.

Creating an altar on the table space provided for the Altar Contest. Vendors will have a space in the Information Table area to create their altar.

Provide five questions and answers that can be randomly put on Scavenger Hunt sheet.  Attendees will have a chance to get a free raffle ticket if they answer the questions on their sheet correctly. So people will be coming up to you all day asking questions.

The purpose of the information table area is for networking and is not an area for selling.

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